How it Works

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Wardrobe overhaul
Colour Consultation
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STEP 1 - Consultation

Cost: R495/hour

Minimum time: 45min

Maximum time: 2 hours


What goes on in a consultation with me?

When we meet for the very first time, my aim is to learn absolutely everything about you.

Only in this in-depth way will you be able to transform from the outside in. 

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STEP 2 - Intervention

Cost: R495/hour

Minimum time: 1 hour

Maximum time: 5 hours


The intervention can take many forms.

Whatever way we choose to go, I always get amazing results with my clients. 

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Here are some possible interventions:

Colour analysis - The wrong colours will make you look tired and washed out. Let me show you the right colours to wear so that you will appear that much more beautiful. 

Ensemble assistance - I create complete amazing outfits with existing items in your wardrobe for your day-to-day usage. 

Personal shopping - Take me with you on your next visit to the malls and make sure you buy right every time. Or, if you short on time, get me to shop for you. 

Wardrobe overhaul - A complete wardrobe cleansing. We purge of the old, get a few new items and put it all together  to create a gorgeous new look for you.  

STEP 3 - Finishing touches


Hair, makeup and grooming

Cost and time varies.


To complete your transformation, you need the right hair, makeup and/or grooming to go with it.

Together and perhaps with hair makeup artists and/or grooming experts, we complete your new look and also give you a tutorial on how to maintain this look on a daily basis.  

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